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  • [etc] Can I get M-Cash and enter events through my mobile phone?
  • [etc] When does M-Cash from travel advertisers get credited to my account?
  • [etc] Why did my reservation information disappear from my My Page?
  • [etc] Is the amount of time it takes M-Cash to get attributed to my account the same for all stores?
  • [etc] When will my account be credited M-Cash after I participated in a Card event?
  • [etc] How can I confirm my Card event participation?
  • [etc] Can I still earn M-Cash if I didn’t go through the link on the Card event page?
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If you order this through Mallree you will earn
 of the purchase price within 15 days.

Accrued cash is available as a cash refund or can be used for Malltail’s shipping fee.