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    PACKOUT Milwaukee 2598-22PO M12 FUEL 2-Tool Hammer Drill Impact Driver Kit - NEW
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    Date added : 2021-03-11
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PACKOUT Milwaukee 2598-22PO M12 FUEL 2-Tool Hammer Drill Impact Driver Kit - 새상품 $199.99 -> 코드 적용시 $170에 구매 가능합니다!!

남자들의 로망 전동공구!! 그중에서도 밀워키 제품은 최고죠~

케이스까지 주는 셋트 상품입니다!


2553-20 12v 임팩 드릴

2504-20 12v 해머드릴드라이버

12v 2.0ah 배터리 두개

48-59-2401 12v 충전기 (다운트랜스 사용 또는 220v 전압 개조 필요)

48-22-8450 팩아웃 케이스

코드 : PAPAC0321

직구하시려면 DE로 보내세요~
다해줌으로 구매하셔도 $199 라서 무관세 입니다!
[EVENT] 다해줌과 함께 네꿈을 펼쳐봐~ 이벤트♥
- 기간 : 21.03.02(화) ~ 03.15(월) 한국시간 다해줌 결제기준
- 대상 : 다해줌 71개상점에서 5만원이상 결제한 모든 고객님
- 혜택 : 미국/중국/영국 무료배송,  단, 미국은 측정무게 7LBS, 중국은 3KG, 영국은 2.5KG), 일본 배송비반값할인 (단, 일본은 3KG)
- 방법 : 몰테일앱 > 해당 공지사항 쿠폰다운받기 > 다운로드

The 2598-22PO M12 FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit is the Most Capable and Most Compact 12V Hammer Drill Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit on the market. Included is the M12 FUEL™ Drill Driver (2504-20), the Most Capable, Lightest Weight and Most Compact 12V Hammer Drill in the market. At only 6.6” and 2.8lbs of weight it is the best hammer drill to use in compact spaces. It delivers the power to do a wide variety of applications at 1700 RPM’s and 350in.lbs. of torque. Also included, the M12 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact (2553-20), the Fastest Driving Speed, Most Compact with 4- Mode Drive Control Impact Driver in the market. At 3,300 RPM the impact drives screws over 20% faster than competitors. At 5.1” in length it allows for unmatched access in tight spaces. The 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL provides greater control over output speed and power for greater versatility by delivering 0-1,300 RPM in Mode 1, 0-2,400 RPM in Mode 2 and 0-3,300 RPM in Mode 3. Mode 4 is Self-Tapping Screw Mode which is designed to reduce walking when starting self-tapping screws as well as reduce overdriving, breaking and stripping out screws.

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