M샵 프로모션 (4/23-5/23)
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  • [service] What service does Mallree provide?
  • [mcash] Does all affiliate shopping malls give back the same reward rate?
  • [mcash] What is M-cash?
  • [order] Mypage is not showing my order details
  • [mcash] When is M-cash given?
  • [mcash] My M-cash credit amount is different
  • [order] When using the Korean shopping mall, which currency is cashback refunded in?
  • [mcash] How can I apply to refund my M-cash points to cash?
  • [mcash] If I apply for a refund, when will it be deposited?
  • [mcash] Does M-cash have an expiration date?
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If you order through Mallree it will earn
 of the purchase price within 15 days.

Accrued cache is available as a refund or malltail delivery in cash.