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    MAM Feed & Soothe Bottle & Pacifier Gift Set, Girl, 0+ Months, 6-Count
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    Added : 2017-12-30
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  • Color : purple/pink
  • Includes two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, two 9 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, two newborn pacifiers;Dishwasher-safe
  • The Anti-Colic bottles have a SkinSoft textured nipple that makes the switch between breast and bottle easy
  • The Anti-Colic bottle have a patented vented base that regulates pressure ensuring babies do not get air in their tummy while feeding
  • The Start Pacifier is extra small and lightweight and specially sized for newborns
  • Symmetrical orthodontic nipple is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development
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