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    Colorfin PPSTL80 PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel Set, 80-Pack
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    Date added : 2019-01-12
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  • Color : Assorted Colors
  • Panpastel ultra soft artist pastel set,the pan format holds the color like paint for easy application
  • Each PanPastel is loaded with the highest quality artists pigments and have a rich, ultra-soft and low dust formulation
  • All the professional-quality colors have excellent light-fastness are fully erasable
  • Available in a variety of color sets and comes in pack of 80. Compatible with traditional pastel sticks, surfaces, conventional fixatives and other artists' colors
  • The following tools are included in the kit: 4 knives and covers, 1 shaper and cover, mini applicators, applicator with replaceable head, round angle sponge, flat angle sponge, big oval sponge, and round sponge
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